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Harkless Media International Foundation

HMI Foundation is a non profit charitable and educational organization. The purposes for which
HMI Foundation is organized are:

(1) For charitable and educational purposes

(2) To provide support and financial assistance to organizations that support the arts, provide relief to the poor, distressed and underprivileged individuals and combat community deterioration and juvenile delinquency

(3) To promote to the general public the importance of volunteerism and charitable giving to
build strong communities

(4) To conduct public discussions groups, forums, panels, lectures and seminars to educate
the public on the benefits of volunteerism and charitable giving in the community

(5) To award scholarships to college students pursuing careers in journalism and public
affairs/community reporting

To fulfill its mission, HMI Foundation conducts the following programs:

Corporations For Non Profits: Supporting Arts and Charities

Corporations For Non Profits is a partnership program between HMI Foundation, Cachét
Magazine and Chicago-area corporations. The program enables corporations to sponsor or
underwrite event fundraisers, editorial features and community resource ads for charities and non
profit organizations. This program is designed to help non profit organizations to achieve their
mission and goals by promoting them in the community and providing more visibility to the public for various forms of support.

  • Pillars of the Community Awards
    The Pillars of the Community Awards program recognizes and honors outstanding leaders in the community. The leaders are presented with special awards that recognize their contributions in the community. Awardees are chosen quarterly and the award recipients are honored at a reception and featured in Cachét Magazine's "Pillars of the Community: Outstanding Leaders Building Strong Communities" editorial feature.

  • Community Builders Awards
    The Community Builders Awards is a special award presented to charities and non profit organizations that are making a significant impact in the community. The awardees are chosen quarterly in the categories of education, the arts, family and community. Award recipients are recognized during a reception presentation, receive a donation to support its mission and are featured in Cachét Magazine's "Organizations That Make A Difference" feature.

  • For Arts Sake
    This program provide donations to non profit organizations that conduct and support arts education and programming in the community.

For more information about HMI Foundation and its program contact A. Harkless at (773) 918-

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